Mythage offers a broad range of ceramic products, including ceramic tile, floor tile, wall tile and decorations. Our products are available in several different formats, sizes, designs and finishes to suit a range of applications and decorative styles.

You can get Mythage products from authorised distributors and stores specialising in ceramic goods. We have an extensive distribution network, both in Spain and overseas. If you need help finding a point of sale close to you, please send an e-mail to our sales team.

Proper cleaning and maintenance is important to keep ceramic products looking good and to extend their life. We recommend using gentle non-abrasive cleaning products. We also recommend avoiding the use of corrosive or acidic substances that might damage the surface of our products.
Cement remover: watch video
High concentration grease remover: watch video
Anti-stain protector: watch video
Polished floor sealant: watch video

When handling ceramic products from Mythage, it is important to follow a series of basic safety measures. Wear protective gloves and safety goggles when cutting or handling pieces. Make sure to handle the products with care to prevent breakage and injury.

Shade variation refers to the difference in colour between different pieces of the same model. This is a common characteristic of ceramic and means that each piece from the same batch may have a slightly different appearance while maintaining visual continuity with the rest. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, it is now possible to create ceramic tile with shade variation in which no two pieces are the same, achieving a realistic result very similar to the natural materials found in nature.

The term “wall tile” refers to ceramic tile that is used to cover walls, whether in kitchens or bathrooms. Wall tile can also be used on other, less common surfaces although this practice is becoming more popular due to the numerous decorative possibilities it provides. In turn, “floor tile” is used to cover the floor (flooring) in various rooms, such as living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, business premises and even such outdoor spaces as balconies, terraces and flat rooftops, among others. In this case, ceramic is also used as the main material to create long-lasting and aesthetically attractive surfaces.

The precise size of a ceramic piece is determined by its calibre and tone. Ceramic undergoes natural expansion and contraction during the firing process, leading to slight variations in size. These variations are minimal (measured in millimetres) and they need to be classified. The maximum calibre range is 2 mm while the minimum is 0.6 mm for rectified products. This guarantees precision in the size of ceramic pieces and makes installation and finishing easier.


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